About Me

Hi Love, I’m Viola

Owning your desires is your birthright.

My passion is to guide you to living your healthiest & happiest life!

I’m an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Desire Map Facilitator, Fire Starter Sessions Coach, Spiritjunkie & an avid participator in Kitchen-Discos…turning up your fave jams and dancin your booty off in the kitchen.

I facilitate Desire Map Workshops, teach Plant-based Cooking Classes, host group and 1 on 1 coaching sessions, where I coach clients to healthier and happier lives thus ultimately living the lives they have always dreamed of.

I’m German born, Texas bred.

I struggled with my weight for most of my life…up and down. I was lonely. I felt abandoned. I ate my feelings. Or drank them. Or I was uber “healthy”…greensmoothie, gym, only organic, gluten free, nothing processed…until about 5pm when I would chase my pack of cigarettes with a shot of whiskey and a pint. I was a walking talking oxymoron.

Now, my whole life has changed!

The discovery and daily integration of my Core Desired Feelings coupled with my knowledge of healing the self wholly through nutrition, meditation, movement, and creativity, has transformed my life.

I’m in the best shape of my life!

No more body weight yoyo-ing.
I rediscovered dormant passions…dancing, sustainable living, yoga, hiking, meditation, cooking…and began integrating these things into my daily life.

I stopped smoking.
I’m sober.
I’ve never been happier.

I truly believe that every person has the ability to heal and my purpose is to support you on your discovery back to yourself.

My approach is holistic, designed to work from the inside out.

A little love note for you:
You are here because you deserve a space in this world.
You were born with this reserved space.
All space.
Filling your space is not taking away space from others.
Letting your light shine is not taking away the light from others.
You are unique in your own beautiful way.
Stepping into and embracing that beauty inspires and uplifts those around you.
Embrace your sparkle, your determination, your sensitivity, your loud laugh, your flat feet, your beautiful belly, your power, your tiny giggles and your rockin dance moves for they are yours to share with the world.
Stepping into your light allows space for others to shine.

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I am here to support you every step of the way on your journey to living a truly fulfilling and joyful life.

Step in and be loud, or whisper, I can’t wait to hear your roar!

Love and light,

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I am hosting a FREE Virtual Workshop, Lunch & Soul: an Introduction to the Desire Map, on December 1 from noon to 1pm CST. You can sign up for it here.



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